How To Create A WordPress Website That Owns Your Data

Own your data – your content, your data; your website. If you were using a content hosting service that disappeared without a trace or was hosting ads using your content, your business can be affected severely. An evergreen service such as WordPress can greatly assist in giving you full control over your content and data. […]

Short Term Investment – The Risk And Return Involved

Investment is the key to long term wealth. Money left in your bank account tends to lose on its real value because of inflation. This gives rise to the need of investing them. Short term investment is a quick way of making money. Our money gives returns at a very short span of time. Stocks […]

Boom In Wedding Photography Business In Warwickshire

According to a local news firm of Warwickshire, wedding business is set to boom and wedding photographers are going to reap the benefits. The reason is introduction of civil partnership act in the recent parliament session. With this act, same sex marriages are now legal and companies are expecting a hike in wedding events. HemsleyPhotography […]

Get Certified In 3 Days With This CBT Course In London

In the United Kingdom and the world over, Cognitive BehaviouralTherpay or CBT has become compulsory for all practising psychotherapists, counsellors and psychologists. The principle behind CBT is that all mental disorders are created due to our thought patterns. So by working on releasing incorrect thought patterns which cause undesirable behaviour, the disorders can be cured. […]